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Genesis Foundation

Our foundation is introduced as a helping hand to people by preventing cancer and by helping people suffering from cancer for the aim of reducing cancer burden. Knowing that cancer is painless at the beginning. And, most people are diagnosed when it is very advanced.
This is because we do not have a habit of doing medical check up till, we become sick. Our foundation focuses on cancer care as a whole but mostly by reducing late presentation burden which causes the government to ensure a lot of expense Lloyd on treating stage three and four patients. Approximately 80 percent of our cancer patients are advanced patients who are difficult to treat.

We are focused to reduce a burden of advanced stage patients by practising the following:

  • PROMOTING health education by seminar presentations, distribution of sponsored books in schools and colleges.
  • PROTECTING of the vulnerable groups by spreading the truth on vaccinations programmes e.g., HPV vaccination for young girls, hepatitis B vaccine etc. Most people are afraid of vaccinations so, it’s a task of our foundation to educate the truth on vaccines.
  • PREVENTING OF THE RISK FACTORS by advocating the preventable risks to the vulnerable groups eg smoking with lung cancer, HPV infections with oesophageal, rectal and cervical cancers by practising safe sex.
  • EARLY DIAGNOSIS by screening of early signs of cancer eg ÇIN, breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening and prostate cancer screening.
  • CARE AND TREATMENT In this part of our care, we aim on advocating the truth on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Most people abscond treatment because of the negative attitude to treatment as Most do believe radiotherapy is a cause of death in cancer patients. Our foundation will advocate on treatment adherent and explaining the cause of death is due to advanced disease and not the outcome of treatment. We will advocate the importance of diet in cancer patients especially during treatment.
  • REHABILITATION will not be aside especially to patients who are recovering from the disease after treatment together with psychological support and acceptance of the disease. This will empower patients resume their daily activities as it was before.

Despite dealing with early detection and treatment, we won't neglect the patients with advanced disease under palliative.
We are planning to recruit the community health workers to be linked with district hospitals for the aim of getting details of palliative patients around that area for the aim of training the relatives on how to take care of patients at home.
We are aiming to spread our services in rural areas for the purpose of mentoring the community health workers on how to educate family members to take care of their patients at homes.
We are looking forward to develop an app that will be used by the community health workers to allocate the different homes with palliative patients.
Loosing our loved ones is difficult to accept. BEREAVEMENT is one of our tasks to make sure that families are psychologically counselled well to accept the situation. we welcome anyone with interest of giving us a helping hand. 

Dr. Hellen Robert Makwani Founder Genesis Foundation

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Genesis For Palliative Care Services Foundation is a registered NGO with registration Number 00NGO/R/1633 basically aiming on cancer burden as a whole mainly Cancer Awareness, Screening, Counselling and treatment adherence as well as palliative support.

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Genesis Foundation is nonprofit organisation aim on working throughout Tanzania specifically creating cancer awareness.